First Light Solutions is a full-service advising agency. First Light Solutions is a boutique agency that is able to provide individualized programs for every client. Dr. JT Lichtfuss is a problem solver that offers mentorship, coaching, and consulting services while acting as the clients’ personal adviser. Dr. Lichtfuss cannot solve the problems for the client, however he is able to work with the client and advise on matters that will allow the client the ability to make informed decisions on how to best solve their problems.

Dr. Lichtfuss is not a "life coach". "Life coaches" do not need to have any qualifications or experience to claim they are able to coach others. 

Dr. Lichtfuss is not a therapist or psychologist. Therapists and psychologists listen to people's problems and rarely offer any solution. More than likely these professions only recommend medication.

Dr. Lichtfuss is a human behavior adviser with over 15 years experience. His experience and education gives him a unique credibility and insight into human behavior and how to help others solve the problems of today. 

Dr. JT Lichtfuss provides an innovative and new form of advising that gives an alternative to medicating children, teenagers and adults. If today’s children don’t know how to deal with the problems and stressors of life then they will grow up as teenagers and adults with no idea how to deal with their problems. Children, teenagers and adults need to learn how to deal with the various conflicts that will occur throughout their lives.